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Ethos USA, Inc. - Southern Louisiana Commercial Building Construction, Heavy Construction, Excavation Contractor, Electrical Contractor

Our Philosophy

Ethos USA, Inc. was founded on the philosophy that hard work and dedication will prove the excellence of our company’s performance. We feel that if we perform our duties safer and more efficiently than the competition we will succeed morally individually and economically as a corporation. We are willing to diversify or simplify to the point that best suites our customers and personnel.

The combination of knowledge, understanding, and experience is at the center of accomplishing the extraordinary. This level of dedication requires the cohesion of all personnel in the pursuit of excellence. Going the extra mile is only the first step on our path to provide superior project performance. Principals in our cooperation devote themselves to oversight, safety standards, record keeping, teaching personnel and re-teaching due to any lack of understanding.

One reason for this corporation’s success is that we will do what needs to be done to complete a project regardless of the physical difficulty. We use equipment to the best of its usage; yet, when it is needed we boldly take on the task by hand. We are humble enough to do the small job; but we are more than capable and experienced to do the most complex of ventures.

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